Max My Social Security Benefits Workshop Program: Two-Event Social Security Maximization Workshop

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Max My Social Security Benefits Workshop Program

Do you want to generate more sales through the most proven seminar system we've ever seen? For most producers, traditional dinner seminars are a waste of your time and money. But this turn-key selling system does what you want:

  1. On average 40 prospects attend this seminar
  2. On average 90% of of attendees set one-on-one appointments
  3. You help find solutions to their income planning needs

Your clients will seek advice from competitors if you're not equipped to advise them on Social Security. Why is that? The Social Security Administration is not qualified or empowered to give advice on claiming options.

Your clients crave this valuable information, because the difference between a good election decision and a poor one is regularly more than $100,000 in income. Finding your client's maximum lifetime benefit is found by running over 20,000 calculations and exploring advanced strategies.

Two-Event Social Security Maximization Workshop


  • 6,000 piece mailer
  • Two event dates
  • Presentation with Script

What You're Responsible For:

  • Secure the Meeting Location
  • Select the Meeting Date (must be at least six weeks out)
  • Select the Meeting Time 

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